Monday, September 30, 2013

Confession ~ Lawn Sabotage

Crafty Serenity ~ the hubby is with fishing buddies, playing 42 on the cabin porch while it rains ~ I'm home alone with yards of freshly colored and waxed fabrics that are waiting their turn in the pot of boiling water ~ hot water frees the fabric of batik wax ~ returning the material to soft and supple ~ all the emerging patterns and colors makes me as giddy as a school girl with a new box of crayons...

Suddenly ~ totally encircled by a steam that smells like cooked greens. Wait, was that right? NO! cooked GRASS! 

In my haste to dash between raindrops and the overzealous desire to remove ALL the wax from EVERY project ~ I cooked my yard with a pot of boiling, wax saturated water. 

But ~ I sure am happy when I look at the fabrics and scarves I made that weekend.

Happy coloring,

P.S. Some of the fabrics and scarves are slowly being listed on my etsy site, 


  1. your fabrics are amazingly lovely! the grass will grow back...eventually.

  2. I'm calling dibs on the bubbly reddish one on the right side of the last picture - sister's rights :) I love when you show these! I'd love to make a maxi dress out of some of it!

  3. Put a rug over it and he'll never notice. Lol

  4. Love the fabric, sorry about the grass. Maybe hubby won't notice.

  5. Oh, Tana...these fabrics are just lovely! Worth every boiled blade of grass, I'd say.

  6. Well, he noticed! But confession is good for the soul...and the relationship. That...or he wants to put a cover over his fishing boat with a gravel pad and we could cut a square of grass from there to fix this oops! Just sayin'