Wednesday, June 4, 2014

On the Halves

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When I was in my formative years if you called Granny during the summer and asked, "What are you doing?" She would probably reply, "Working on the halves."  This meant her home would be filled with the sweet sweet smells of peaches, strawberries, figs or any other fruit or vegetable that was in season. She had friends that would bring her bushels upon bushels of fresh from the farm bounty and she would either can their goodness or blanch and bag for freezing. Her payment for her labor? That would be half the bounty!

Maybe I have learned her lesson well. :-) 

Two fabric lines from

I have a stitching friend, Robin Kinley, that is a fabric rep for Blank Quilting. She was in the middle of a major household move when the new line of fabrics arrived at her door. Can I just say....half of that fabric in the picture above is mine! (Insert a big smile!)

If you are in the North East Texas area and need a bit of fabric for yourself, you can reach Robin at She will bring her samples (all sewn by me...) for you to touch.

Pillow pattern converted into a table topper from Better Homes and Gardens Bags, Pillows & Pincushions, vol 2

I just loved this fabric!The variety of flowers makes it fun if you like to fussy cut, hence the center motif. The blue and yellow combination along with the turquoise is very calming, but I love how the splash of orange gives it such character and really makes these fabrics fun. 
Bag pattern from Better Homes and Gardens Bags, Pillows & Pincushions, vol 2

The second line of fabrics was a bit more challenging for me even though I fell in love with the mosaic dragonfly's and flowers instantly. When I saw this bag pattern, I knew the busy print would mix perfectly with the companion tone on tone fabrics. Really think I might "forget" to deliver this bag to Robin. (JK case you are reading this!!) 

What fun this has been and now I'm done...guess I will have to catch up on the housework that I've conveniently ignored.

Happy coloring,

P.S. Just so you know, I could give a tomato a hot water bath, peel and core probably by the time I was 7. There is nothing like standing in a chair watching red orbs bob up and down in a steaming vat of boiling water. I can still recall the feeling of my arms covered in sweet tomato juice.