Monday, October 28, 2013

Sprinkling of Fairy Dust Too

Well things have been very busy around here completing this pillow and other hand crafted items for an annual Studio Sale that I collaborate with a friend.

The little frog got a visit from a fairy! I really wondered the entire time I was coloring and stitching if she was giving him a charm or a wish or just making his day brighter with a little fairy dust. It is possible that I should call on all fairies, brownies and elves to come and help complete all that is still "in progress" in the craft room.

Here is a little preview of what we will have for sale...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Doing for Others

Well, this is not a post on my being a benevolent humanitarian,(insert snicker) but rather the crazy idea that I can create items from another person's vision.  It started this morning when I checked my etsy shop and had a request for a custom art pillow.
This is the pillow that she liked...BUT....could I do the same muted tones with a frog/toad theme. (If you must know...I'm not very fond of frog/toads.) I decided to make a little sketch of an idea and look through some fabric to see if there was a vision.
I think this toad would be very "hoppy" if the pillow back was cut from a piece of hand dyed fabric. Waiting now to see if our ideas are mutual. He may get a little color pencil anyway just for fun...

Happy Coloring,