Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Good Day to Dye!

There are these friends that I have that are at least as crazy as ME. It is now 8:00 pm and still 94 degrees outside. (We won't talk about the humidity!) But when it is a good day to just gotta dye.

I hand-dyed 11 of my 15 bamboo scarves, plus a bit more. This scarf was dyed in peacock and then (because I have to play with something new...) I stamped a Jacquard textile color on top of the dyed fabric with a homemade stamp. Whew! barely made it from end to end with my little sample bottle of ink. I'm lovin' the texture. It will be for sale at the upcoming Azzurro Luna Studio sale that happens in November. 

In the meantime....check out the classes that are being offered at Azzurro Luna!

Pretty much feel "dog tired" tonight, but can't wait too get started tomorrow morning!! 

Happy coloring,

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