Monday, September 16, 2013

Shoes on Before Nine Equals Great Rewards

Years of working from home have indulged my preference to go barefoot, especially in the early morning hours when the coffee is hot and the house is quiet. However, this past Thursday and Friday I received rich and colorful rewards for being pressed and dressed before the 9 o'clock hour.

Karen K. Stone (yes, the picture is borrowed~I was too saturated with information to remember pictures) delivered a talk to the Quilter's Guild of East Texas and taught a class on Friday.

 O(!)M(!)G(!) !!! 

Her approach to color and her method of harmonious relationships between fabrics is fabulous. Highly recommend anyone seizing the opportunity to hear her speak and a class is better yet! (She has a book too ~ just sayin')

I had to listen carefully to Karen with my eyes (eyes-not a typo!) and was very happy with the resulting quilt block. This is from Karen's quilt "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues". My one block will be made into a wall hanging as a reminder that it is "ok to go wild".

The place of honor is already reserved on the craft room wall!

Happy coloring,


  1. Oh wow I love, love, love your block. I imagine you did learn a lot. Keep up the beautiful work.

  2. Thanks ladies! I can't wait to finish and get it hung for real, but other matters are more pressing right now!

  3. I LOVE your block!! I haven't even finished 1 yet but hey, it's on my to do list. Your dyed fabric looks great in the middle.

  4. I am going to finish school soon, and have more time to do this stuff -- that is too gorgeous

    1. Sure, still have a young'un at home....thanks, lots of fun.