Thursday, September 5, 2013

Love to Go a Wandering

It only took a year of indecision, but we finally plunged back into the world of camping. The matching logo shirts and mugs were from the RV dealership in celebration of 50 years. I am sure I have 50 years of wandering left in me....(LOL! A couple of centenarians pulling a 30ft trailer. Move out of the way quickly.)

The first outing was a three night stay in a state park close to home. Even though this is our fourth trailer, each has its own personality and quirks. 
And this is the first one to have most of the comforts of home!

Hubby asked me the other day (while we were re-packing after the weekend trip) if I was going to be able to sew at the dining table. Tee hee...he knows me too well, and no, the sewing machine probably will not be going on trips. 

However, I am rarely without a traveling craft. 

I fell in love with this quilt pattern at the first of the summer and cut several units to hand piece while in the car.
Guidelines for a travel craft are:

  • it must not be messy (this project almost has too many pieces, but if they stay in their own bag, things usually work fine)
  • pattern should not require too much counting, labeling or referencing
  • if the project is put down or I look away to view the scenery, it should be easy to pick up and start again
A good start to a happy quilt...


  1. Oh my I thought I commented days ago. Love your new travel home. What a perfect way to do it!
    Your quilt squares are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Sharon! We loved sweltering away in the great outdoors.

  2. Love the quilt squares! The camper looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks Laura! Love, love scrappy quilts ~ they remind me of home.