Friday, January 10, 2014

One Thing Leads to Another (and Another)

So, the painting and decorating that has been happening in the living half of our home sometimes goes by "the remodel", but there isn't anything structural being done, so that really isn't accurate. Then sometimes I will say, "Updating," but since I am not necessarily young and fresh and I like what I like...updating is a relative term. Face-lift....I think that is the description I have been searching for and as I suspect, when you get a face-lift, you then need to color your hair, then you need new clothes, and then you need....well, then one thing leads to another and then another.

Needing another thing is where this large expanse of freshly painted light gray family room wall has found itself.

All the nick knacks and wall hangings have circled round and round, into the entry hall and into the dining room and when the music stopped, this wall remained empty. And this is when I broke my main New Year's resolution.  (Finish the 2013 projects before starting anything new in 2014) 

Enter the new project to hang on the empty wall. The thing that sent me off to sew, was 
being able to finally use some of the hand dyed fabrics in a project for me.

My hubby estimated the wall quilt to be up in about 2 days. (He was seriously being generous on the time frame.) I am ready to trim the blocks and the borders are has taken, just shy of 40 hours to get to this point. I am doing raw edge applique on the sewing machine, I would never finish if I was doing hand applique!

It was so hard to make the first cut into my batiks, but so glad I found a fun project where they look really happy.  Wish I were ready to do the quilting...

Happy coloring,

Friday, January 3, 2014

Desperately Seeking Sanity

At some point right after Thanksgiving, (after confessing to a sister in law that I was basically procrastinating) the hubby and I chose a paint color for the old office/soon to be Dining Room (again). As he was painting the walls of our little room and I was standing there chatting (i.e. not helping) I started picking at the wallpaper in the kitchen. Ha!.....
Before I really knew what had happened, the once dark green kitchen was being viewed in a new light. I was pregnant with my #2 son when we had this wallpaper hung....he will be 21 years old in a few months. Okay, I will admit that it was time for a change. 

Not real sure how we managed to get these walls textured and painted, the Christmas decos in place, the living room and entry painted as well and the mess cleaned before anyone arrived for celebrations. 

~Counter tops are next. Guess I'm not procrastinating any longer ;-)

Happy Coloring,