A Little Monkey Business

...Leaning on the Traditional with a SMOOCH of Fun!

From time to time, I just feel the need to "craft" a smile. You absolutely can not keep from being happy when you hold one of these little fun friends. 

The sock monkeys are sewn from Original Rockford Red Heel Socks unless otherwise specified and stuffed with premium polyester fiber fill. The eyes and shoes are embroidered, but it is a painless procedure to include button eyes....and I have LOTS of buttons. The monkey also has soft sculpted hands, knees, elbows and numbered just above the right leg. If a monkey comes to live with you, it will include a signed certificate of authenticity.

I knit, crochet, sew, bead and more all the components of their outfits. I love to shop for just the right fabric and really prefer knowing that the monkey outfit is being created  in the receiver's favorite colors.

All of these monkeys are happily living it up with new families. Please browse the photos for ideas and examples. I will not do 2 outfits exactly alike, but I often use the same fabric more than once. Available sock monkeys are listed here, www.grannysgift.etsy.com .

~Of course you can contact me if you need a little friend at your house !

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