Saturday, August 9, 2014


So when you are faced with change, do you embrace it or run away as fast as possible yelling at the top of your lungs? 

I have actually done both, but today I am embracing the latest of the changes that keep rolling into my world. Remember this picture?

Well it is now part of my rolling office! There has been a change and you are looking at the new fabric rep for Blank Quilting Corp. So now you know why this blog has been stagnate!

I keep changing my mind on packing these totes. 

(Actually, there was a change in ownership at Blank Quilting Corp too.) I think everyone may still in the transitional learning curve but thanks to the worker bee's at Blank (CG and RB, specifically) with the leadership of Scott Fortunoff, that curve is more of a straight path everyday. 

Another change is on the brown truck! The new line of fabric should be at my door today, so I will get to change my packed bags once again. (Weekend project with coffee....can't wait to see what's in the box.) A preview e-mail from Scott listed the 11 new lines. The last on the list was Western Album by Western Denim & Dirt, designed by native Texan TANA MEULLER!! Now how cool is that? Native Texan Tana is going to be selling a design by Tana.  Wonder how many people I can confuse with that one. ~Good thing I sign my work tdoss, otherwise I might be the first to be confused~

Alright, on that thought, I need to go make some change!!

Happy coloring, 

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  1. So you retired only to go back to work? :) Good luck in your new job. I know you'll be great at it. I also saw Sharon's blog and all the classes you're going to be teaching in the next few months. Bless your heart. You're going to run yourself ragged.