Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Doodle Upgraded

Who knew that those mindless scribbles on the sides of my calendar and note pads had real purpose. The doodles most often appear when I'm talking (or long long holds) on the phone and after discovering Zentangle art, I decided their "Zen" powers have kept me calm during impending telephone angst. A full description of Zentangle can be found at zentangle.com but even those of us with an informal knowledge, pen and paper can still have fun.

Before I really knew that I was creating a tangle, I had quilted and painted this piece with colored pencil on Kona cotton.

Hmmm, doodling with a sewing machine. I think I will finish this with a black satin stitch edging and add a hanging loop to the back. 

Now that I am aware that my doodles are more than just doodles and that many patterns even have names, I have stepped up the doodle game. (Albeit with a double ended Sharpie and art paper.)
Not real sure why the droplets emerged.  Possibly thinking of all the sweat that has poured from my pores these past few days while at the campground.
"Garden Floor" began with the checkerboard pattern. I wanted to see how difficult is was to give it a wave. After that, I really did not know where the design was going to go. I wasn't surprised that it ended in flowers. If it isn't a heart, then it is usually a flower. 

Hope you are feeling the urge to doodle a little. 

Happy coloring, Tana


  1. Now those are some fabulous pieces of art! Doodle away.

  2. Ah, ha! here you are. These are beautiful doodles, Tana!! blessings ~ tanna