Wednesday, February 12, 2014


FIRST came paint (and lots of it!!) and next came new kitchen counter-tops. (Oh, and replacing the fridge that moved in when we did 26+ years ago...) Delivery times kept us without an oven/stove top for a week. (Enter the crockpot.) LAST has been a full week of flooring, but the pro's have left and we are adding our finishing touches. (Yes, we probably have control issues. We would have laid the tile if we could justify the cost of the tools for a one time event.) 

A Well Furnished Living Room

It was about the third day of "flooring" when I told my mother "We should have furniture and watch tv in the living room tonight."! (And yes, that is the OVEN by the back door...couldn't get to the crockpot either. Thank goodness the phone could dial take-out.)

So glad that this is now the path I take...
Notice the pug in lower right. He is glad for the finish too!

The quilt is also finished! I call it Backyard Blooms because of the hand dyed fabrics that I the backyard! The actual pattern is from Bling Bling Blooms by Annie Unrein. It came as part of a tutorial from Superior Threads

The tutorial was for Charlotte's Fusible Thread. 

You wind the bobbin with the thread; sew around your applique shape; cut it out and then fuse to the background fabric. The great plus was being able to cut away the background fabrics. 

I really could see the shadow of the black borders from the front before cutting the excess fabric away. It was however, the scariest thing I have ever done!! 


I think I am for only watching programs that are broadcast in blues, greens and a touch of orange. Don't you think Daffy was a perfect accent for my quilt!

Happy coloring,


  1. What a glorious touch to finish off all that remodeling. Your quilt is spectacular! P.S. House too

  2. Everything looks great and your quilt is just fabulous!!!

  3. Fusible thread sounds like a useful tool. Your quilt is fabulous!