Sunday, May 4, 2014

Completing My Phd - A Challenge

Darn it! I was under the illusion that a happy place was one where you continually added to the pile of incomplete projects! After being challenged at the April Quilt Guild meeting to complete a Phd (Projects Half Done) I went home...opened the closet door...pulled out desk drawers....and...took count of the stock pile of incomplete.... The list was STAGGERING.(Stopped counting at 29, because 30 half done projects is insane...)

The quilt guild challenge was to complete 6 (six - noun \ˈsiks\ a number) of your half done projects and a seventh charity project.

PROJECT #1 Complete!! A Mondo Bag that was started with my small group of stitching buddies in 2013....been to 2 quilt shows without this lovely!

And then I had to acknowledge why I can't get things finished...

NOT on the list was a matching lunch bucket bag....but I had all these left-over scraps and it is always fun to start a new project. (Please note that this is a FINISHED bag.)

#2 on the list is a 52 1/2" x 52 1/2" quilt that I started as a Block of the Month but had a wild hair to alter the size for a 4 - Square pattern. 

Some Micheal Miller fabrics and some of my hand dyed batiks.

This still needs the backing and quilting, but that IS GOING TO HAPPEN this next week. However, I can't mark it as done until the pattern is typed and ready to go.

#7 Is the charity project. (Yes, I know, I will finish the list in a minute.)

Isn't this a great scrap quilt! My stitching buddies, the Have Knots, are letting me quilt their beautiful creation. I'm new to the group so I didn't participate in the making of the top, so a little quilting is my way of contributing to the effort! 

Have the supplies for both the quilts and I've spent this weekend clearing off my quilting surface for next week's business.

Now, just for the record:

#3 Desk side decorated (long story)
#4 Tab Top Curtain for the Kitchen...tired of looking at the one panel
#5 One Block Wonder Queen Quilt (Started the top last July)
#6 Complete the woven scarf so I can return the tri-loom to Sharon

Happy coloring  uhmmm; Happy finishing!

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  1. Wow I love the finished projects. The bags are great! I am equally impressed with the motivation to complete. Maybe it will be contagious!